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Voting system

📑 Voting system

If you want to participate in the voting in the Infinity Carnival project, then you need to use the $INFINIT token and Ride Maintenance Workers

👷‍♂️ Ride Maintenance Workers NFT

Ride Maintenance Worker

You can use Ride Maintenance Workers to farm $INFINIT token

  1. Buy Ride Maintenance Workers Price - $1 NeftyBlocks drop
  2. Stake Ride Maintenance Workers to farm $INFINIT tokens WaxDao farm
  3. Use $INFINIT tokens to vote Infinity Carnival voting

How to vote

If you have $INFINIT tokens on your wallet you can participate in the voting under this link - Infinity Carnival voting

Step 1 - stake
Go to - Actions section - Stake tab - and put the number of $INFINIT tokens you want to use in the vote

Step 2 - choose the vote
Go to - DAO Details section - Proposals tab - and select the vote you want to take part in

Step 3 - voting
Select the option you want to vote for and click Submit Vote - Finalize Proposal