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VIP Ticket

VIP pass

VIP Ticket​

Gives its owner these abilities:

  • Access to secured VIP drops (which are usually cheaper)
  • Access to the hidden VIP channel in Discord (and VIP role)
  • You can stake VIP Ticket to farm TICKET token
  • More perks in the future
The number of VIP Tickets is limited (100 mints) If you want to get a VIP role and access to Discord VIP channel:

You can ask a Moderator in our Discord channel (VIP Ticket NFT required)

💳 Where to buy:​

NeftyBlocks drop = 499.99 WAX

📥 Where to stake:​

WaxDao pool - 59.52 $TICKET (~10 000 Tickets weekly)

V.I.P Printer Pack Single VIP drop = $2.5

Nuclear Gem Factory 《V.I.P》 VIP drop = $19.99

Sold Out NFTs
  • V.I.P Ticket Printer 3-Pack
  • VIP INFINITY Ticket Factory lvl 1
  • Gumball Machine 《V.I.P》
  • Infinity Racers Land Pack《V.I.P》